Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More Hansel and more Gretel...

Back into BAC today for more Hansel and Gretel madness. We have been working on lots of music using some simple tunes and motifs for the show. We have also been writing some lyrics which is really entertaining and a new thing for me. I keep thinking about the age range for the show and if the story is too scary – terrible things happen in the story – famine and cannibalism and death. We have been trying to have fun with these and keep then playful, to make sure that we explore them in a playful and questioning way.

We worked on the story and how to tell it trying to find out what we thought was important in the story.

Some lyrics for the story

Birds came down out of the trees and the bushes

And they ate up all of the crumbs

(that Hansel had dropped)

And when they woke from their sleep

They were lost in the forest

The way home had been devoured

(by the birds from the first verse)

Unai’s hungry Witch was very funny and scary as was his description of her hideous appearance…

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